What is PV?

PV stands for Personal Volume: Each dōTERRA product is assigned a value of PV. When you purchase dōTERRA products, the total PV of your order increases Most of the time, the PV amount is the same as the dollar amount, such as with the Lemon oil. However, with other products this may not be the case. Some products have no PV amounts.

Depending on how much PV you purchase, you can qualify for specific promotions. For example:

Your PV Total will show up in bolded purple next to your dollar total in your bag.

Track your Order

You can track your orders through your dōTERRA account and order history. Your tracking information updates once an order ships and is assigned a tracking number by the carrier. It can take up to one to two business days, depending on when you placed your order, for your order to ship and show you a tracking number.

Membership Options

Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to live the dōTERRA mission for yourself. As a member, you’re able to order all of our products at wholesale price! There are two different membership types depending on your personal goals:

Wholesale Customer Wellness Advocate
  • Order product at 25% wholesale discount
  • Buy directly from
  • Participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Free product upon membership renewal
  • Personal dōTERRA Website
  • Access to business tools and reports
  • Earn commissions on sales
  • Enroll other dōTERRA members

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Watch this introductory class to learn basic tips and ideas how to use some of doTERRA's most popular products and essential oils.

For more educational wellness classes

How to Reactivate your doTERRA Account

If you haven't used your doTERRA wholesale account for over a year, you may request reactivation. Once reactivated, you can login and shop wholesale prices again, plus participate in all member-only promotions.

Steps to reactivate your doTERRA wholesale account

  1. Click the "Request Reactivation" button
  2. Load the reactivation email template
  3. Send email

Please allow up to 24 hours to process. Request should be sent from the same email address currently on your doTERRA account.

Loyalty Rewards Program

The dōTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is an optional recurring monthly order. Members can customize their order each month and receive Rewards Points to redeem for free product.


  • Receive Rewards Points to redeem for free product
  • Participate in special promotions and discounts
  • Qualify for commission bonuses (Wellness Advocates only)
  • All members are welcome to participate


  • A Loyalty order will process automatically every month on a pre-selected date. Loyalty orders may also be processed manually
  • Canceling participation in the LRP removes any Rewards Points and Loyalty Months accumulated through the program.
  • Loyalty Months determine the Points Accrual Percentage
  • New Members cannot place a Loyalty Order during the month of their enrollment

How to Create a Loyalty Rewards Program Template

Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program one time, after that just update the products once a month to be whatever you want. You will receive an email notification to help remind you to change your order from the previous month. If you decide to not change your order, the same products will be sent to you each month until it is changed.