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doTERRA is different. If you're looking to partner with a company that truly cares about and delivers the highest quality products, combined with a generous compensation plan and an unwavering commitment to sustainable sourcing, doTERRA is your answer.

doTERRA Business

The Genesis of doTERRA

Connect with the heart and mind of doTERRA. Discover the amazing story behind the humble beginnings of doTERRA and how it became a multi-billion dollar company; recognized worldwide for its unmatched qualify, purity, effectiveness and sustainable sourcing of their essential oils and other natural products.

Why Build a doTERRA Business?

Purest, safest and most effective essential oils. No fillers, synthetics or adulteration. Rigorous in-house and third-party testing. Certified Pure Tested Grade standard for purity, consistency and efficacy.

Largest essential oil company in the world. Became a $2 billion company in just 14 years. Part of the $4.2 trillion wellness market. More than 15 millions customers. Sales in more than 110 countries. Impressive 65% customer retention!

Essential oils sourced from more than 45 countries. dōTERRA pays growers fairly and preserves agricultural knowledge through Cō-Impact Sourcing initiatives. dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation empowers communities worldwide to be healthy, safe, and self-reliant. 

How the Business Works

Enroll. Setup a doTERRA Wellness Advocate account. Select your country and language. Then add at least 100 PV in products or a starter kit to your bag (What is PV?).  Proceed to complete the setup of your Wellness Advocate account and checkout.

Share. After creating your account, you'll immediately receive a free personalized website. Share the link with friends, family, customers or followers on social media. As people shop via your link, you earn. Example link:

Earn. When a customer shops via your website they'll get their own membership for free and access to wholesale pricing from the start. You'll earn 20% and continue to earn every time they place additional orders using their doTERRA account.

Open a Wellness Advocate Account

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, you'll enjoy the following benefits and perks.

  • Order at 25% wholesale discount
  • Order directly from or by phone
  • Participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Free personal referral website
  • Access to business tools
  • Enroll other members
  • Earn commissions on sales

Enrollment Promotions: All new Wellness Advocates receive free membership with their enrollment, a $35 savings, in addition to the following:

    Business Tools

    Compensation Plan

    Incentive Trips

    doTERRA Incentive Trips

    Digital Resources

    Business Training

    Mentorship & Support

    Accelerate your business success by participating in weekly business and product workshops. Learn valuable insights, strategies and hear life changing testimonials.

    • Business Training Workshops. Every Tuesday @ 8:00 PM EST by Connect by Zoom
    • Product Education Workshops. Every Thursday @ 8:00 PM EST by Connect by Zoom
    • Interactive Coaching Calls: Every Wednesday @ 10:30 AM EST by Connect by Zoom - Text SHARE to 801-845-4560 to get a reminder before the call.

    Have Questions?

    Get all your questions answered before you get started, feel free to schedule a complimentary One-on-One consultation with a leading doTERRA business representative.

      doTERRA Team Mentorship


      How successful is doTERRA?
      doTERRA is one of the largest, most successful, fastest growing network marketing (MLM) companies in the world. doTERRA is a multibillion-dollar company doing business in over 65 countries. doTERRA sells essential oils and other health related products since 2008. Well-known in the industry for having the highest customer retention rate of over 65% due to superior product quality, sustainability and affordability.

      Is doTERRA different
      While some MLMs are often met with skepticism, doTERRA is a legitimate company, in fact one of the best in the industry. In business since 2008, with a whopping 65% retention rate and operating in over 65 countries. doTERRA is not a get rich quick scheme. Like any other business, your dedication and effort put into it will be proportionate to your earnings. You are the boss of your own business. Use your strengths, talents and skills to grow your business the way you desire.

      How much money can I make with doTERRA?
      doTERRA's income disclosure statement shows a wide variety of earnings potential. Just like any other business, only a small percentage reach the highest income levels, however many people wish to only earn enough to pay for their products, while others may wish to earn a little extra to help with rent or other personal expenses. Income earners of all size are welcome in doTERRA! 

      Are doTERRA essential oils safe?
      Yes, doTERRA oils are safe. They are 100% pure, so a little goes a long way. Use them responsibly and as directed on the label, just like any other product. doTERRA offers many essential oil classes and education course to help you learn how to use them in the safest, most effective way for your family. The government issued Supplement Facts label on each bottle tells you in which ways it has been approved for use, such as aromatically, topically or internally.

      Are doTERRA oils scientifically proven to work?
      doTERRA essential oils are backed by scientific research and clinical trials. doTERRA has a Scientific and Medical Education Committee composed of board-certified physicians. doTERRA has conducted many studies with universities and hospitals. While there are limitations to studies and their conclusions, there is a positive trend in the research being done and more is always being done to better understand their properties, applications and effectiveness.

      Is doTERRA better than other essential oil brands?
      Yes. doTERRA essential oils are of the highest quality, chemistry and purity in the world. Additionally, they source the oils in the most sustainable and co-impactful way to the local communities growing the plants all over the world. doTERRA essential oils are superior to all other brands, as shown through numerous internal and third-party testing. Smell, taste and feel the difference.

      How does the doTERRA business model work?
      doTERRA uses a multi-level marketing model, where you earn commissions from your own referrals and the referrals of those you refer.

      What are the risks of joining doTERRA?
      There are no risks or obligations. doTERRA is a different kind of network marketing company. Purchase the products you love, use them and share your experience with others. Earn as others shop through your referral site and fall in love with the products too.

      Is doTERRA right for me?
      Do you love essential oils and natural health products? Do you love to share and help others live a healthier, more natural lifestyle? Do you want to create your own business legacy that can carry on for generations? Join doTERRA in bringing health and healing to every home!


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