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Power Kit - Wild Strawberry

Power Kit - Wild Strawberry

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Feel energized, support your gut health, and seize the day with MetaPWR Recharge (Wild Strawberry), PB Assist+ ProBiome Gut Complex, and MetaPWR Advantage—all in one convenient bundle.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when your flow is interrupted by fatigue and poor gut health. These kinds of daily annoyances often come from nutrient deficiencies. Fatigue can stem from poor hydration or low metabolic function. Poor gut health can signal a need for more healthy bacteria in your digestive system.

Fortunately, MetaPWR Advantage, MetaPWR Recharge, and PB Assist+ can help you stay proactive on these issues by delivering the collagen, electrolytes, and healthy bacteria your body needs. They pack a punch for everyone! Give yourself the power to make every day meaningful.

Kit Includes

doTERRA MetaPWR Advantage with Collagen + NMN (Lemon-Orange)

MetaPWR Advantage (Lemon-Orange)

MetaPWR Advantage Collagen + NMN is created to support healthy lifestyle regimens focused on increased energy and vitality

    doTERRA MetaPWR Recharge Wild Strawberry Electrolytes

    MetaPWR Recharge (Wild Strawberry)

    improving your hydration and increasing your overall energy and vitality so you can live your most powerful life.

      doTERRA PB Assist+ Jr. ProBiome Complex

      PB Assist+ ProBiome Gut Complex

      Formulated the entire family, PB Assist+ ProBiome Gut Complex provides a unique blend of diverse genus, species, and strains of pre- and probiotics.


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